Vashon Food Bank

Volunteering with the Food Bank

In 2018, over 270 members of our community served as volunteers at the Food Bank.  Their 6,900 of service made a big difference in our capacity to fight hunger!  Volunteers work in all aspects of the Food Bank: on the front lines in distribution, home delivery and at Ober Park with Picnics in the Park.  They are also behind the scenes with food pick-ups, recycling, lunch-making and garden-tending.

Volunteer JOBS

Front-line grocery distribution: Stocking distribution areas, checking in customers, customer service

Home delivery: Individually packing bags of groceries, loading the vans, delivering groceries

Warehouse: Truck unloading, sorting, re-packing, breaking down boxes, stocking

Truck and van drivers: Weekly trips off –island to Food Lifeline, Northwest Harvest, Orowheat, and Costco.

Garden volunteers: Weeding, planting, cultivating, harvesting-come once or come weekly

Harvest for Vashon: Growing food at home, gleaning, preserving produce

Picnics in the Park: Help with lunch prep, serving lunches or providing activities in the summertime

Admin/office: Assist with maintaining data bases, helping customers, providing IT support

Resource raising: Help with food drives, special events, volunteer recruitment, hosting parties

Board and committees: Serve on the Board of Directors or a committee


the gift of time

Islanders take care of each other. Volunteering your time to support the food bank means that fewer people we know and care for will have to wonder where their next meal might come from. As a volunteer, you are joining a family of compassionate thoughtful and giving people. Gain friendship, a sense of purpose, and enrich the world you live in- volunteer with us! There’s always a job to do, so get in touch and we’ll get you connected!

— Rachael Hetrick, Volunteer Coordinator



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