Volunteering with the Food Bank

In 2018, over 270 members of our community served as volunteers at the Food Bank.  Their 6,900 of service made a big difference in our capacity to fight hunger!  Volunteers work in all aspects of the Food Bank: on the front lines in distribution, home delivery and at Ober Park with Picnics in the Park.  They are also behind the scenes with food pick-ups, recycling, lunch-making and garden-tending.

Volunteer JOBS

Front-line grocery distribution: Stocking distribution areas, checking in customers, customer service

Home delivery: Individually packing bags of groceries, loading the vans, delivering groceries

Warehouse: Truck unloading, sorting, re-packing, breaking down boxes, stocking

Truck and van drivers: Weekly trips off –island to Food Lifeline, Northwest Harvest, Orowheat, and Costco.

Garden volunteers: Weeding, planting, cultivating, harvesting-come once or come weekly

Harvest for Vashon: Growing food at home, gleaning, preserving produce

Picnics in the Park: Help with lunch prep, serving lunches or providing activities in the summertime

Admin/office: Assist with maintaining data bases, helping customers, providing IT support

Resource raising: Help with food drives, special events, volunteer recruitment, hosting parties

Board and committees: Serve on the Board of Directors or a committee



With so many programs, services and education fundraising opportunities, we need dedicated volunteers to help out. Working with the Food Bank is great for high-schoolers looking to fill their community service hours, or seniors who want to keep busy in the community. There’s always a job to do, so get in touch and we’ll get you connected!

— Rachael Hetrick, Volunteer Coordinator



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